Pet Boarding

You’ll rest easy knowing the experienced kennel staff at I-20 Animal Medical Center is caring for your pet while you’re away! Our indoor, climate-controlled pet boarding facility offers state-of-the-art suites, plus, unlike most pet boarding facilities, we have veterinarians and vet nurses on duty 24/7. So not only does your pet get to stay in a comfortable pet hotel, but they also have the finest veterinary care available in case they need it.

Dog Boarding


We provide Kuranda beds in all our runs, junior suites and suites.


We walk dogs three times a day on our enclosed, manicured lawn. We also provide playtimes in our indoor play space. It is perfect for hugs and kisses, fetch and tug of war. Plus, since it is indoors, weather is not an issue. Your pet will love getting the chance to be the center of attention! Additional walks and playtimes are available for a small additional fee. See below for pricing.


We feed our pet guests Premium Royal Canin Gastrointestinal diet. However, if you feed your pet a special diet, we will be happy to feed it to your pet instead at no additional charge.


A Kong toy is a very firm rubber ball that is hollow to allow room for treats like doggie biscuits, peanut butter and Science Diet canned A/D. Dogs spend hours rolling them around to get the reward out of the middle, so it’s not just a treat dispenser, but a total entertainment system too! We’re happy to provide these to our pup guests at a small additional fee. See below for pricing.

Dog Boarding Prices

Efficiency: $23.50 per night

Quad (4×4): $27 per night

Standard (6×3): $28 per night

Junior Suite (6×4): $31 per night

Suite (6×5): $36 per night

We offer discounts to additional pets staying in the same Quad, Standard or Suite.

Dog day boarding: $13.86 per day

Day boarders must be picked up by midnight.

Extra walk: $6 per day

Playtime: $11 per 15 to 20 minute additional one-on-one playtime with a kennel tech

Additional pets can be added for $2 per playtime.

Kong with Science Diet A/D: $4.50

Food ball with Sensitive Stomach kibbles: $4.50

Medication administration: $2.50 per medication, per administration

Capstar Blue (2 to 25 pounds) fee: $7.28

Capstar Green (over 25 pounds) fee: $8.28


Treat your pet to a HydroSurge bath on the last day of their stay! I-20 Animal Medical Center’s state-of-the-art HydroSurge bathing unit is a recirculating pump that produces a vigorous combing-action spray of shampoo and water. With a handheld sprayer, the bathing solution gently penetrates through the hair down to the skin to remove dirt, debris, loose hair, dead skin and dander. It’s a great routine grooming option and can help treat many common skin conditions. Even better, pets love the massage-like treatment, and they smell fresh and clean for you when you return! Ask I-20 Animal Medical Center’s front desk staff about scheduling a bath when you drop off your pet for boarding.

Special-needs boarding: See prices and information on special-needs dog boarding here.

Cat Boarding

Cats board in a separate room at I-20 Animal Medical Center’s boarding facility, away from the noise of our canine guests. Cats tend to feel more comfortable when they have some separation from the noisier parts of our boarding facility.


We feed our pet guests Premium Science Diet Sensitive Stomach. However, if you feed your pet a special diet, we will be happy to feed it to your pet instead at no additional charge.

Cat Boarding Prices

$19.75 per night

Special-needs boarding: See prices and information on special-needs cat boarding here.

24-Hour Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Because I-20 Animal Medical Center is open 24/7, you can drop off or pick up your pet from our boarding facility at any time. No more waiting until the next day to pick up your pet because you arrived home late at night or on a Sunday! Our veterinarians and vet technicians are on the premises at all times. Please note that all dogs here for day boarding must be picked up by midnight.

Vaccination Policy

To keep all animals in our care safe, your pet must have up-to-date vaccinations before boarding with us. We follow the American Animal Hospital Association’s vaccination guidelines for boarding facilities. If your pet did not receive vaccinations from I-20 Animal Medical Center, you must provide us with written verification from the veterinary facility that administered the vaccinations. Vaccines administered by any person other than a licensed veterinarian will not be accepted.

Required Vaccinations

For Dogs

  • Rabies
  • Distemper (DHLPP)
  • Leptospirosis (within one year)
  • Bordetella (within six months)
  • Canine influenza (within one year)

If your dog’s rabies and distemper vaccines are up to date but the others aren’t, we can booster the remaining vaccinations when you drop off your pet for boarding:

  • Leptospirosis: $14
  • Bordetella: $16
  • Canine influenza: $34.50

For Cats

  • Rabies
  • Distemper (FVRCP)

Parasite Policy

For the safety of all pets boarding with us, both dogs and cats must have tested negative for intestinal parasites within a year. If your pet requires an updated fecal analysis, we can complete it when you drop off your pet for boarding for $25.76.

We administer Capstar, an oral flea medication, to all pets upon arrival to ensure that no fleas are introduced to our boarding facility.

We can’t wait for your pet to stay with us! To schedule your pet’s boarding stay at I-20 Animal Medical Center, give us a call at 817.478.9238.