24 hour Drop-off and Pick-up

Boarding Information

I-20 Animal BoardingRest easy knowing our experienced kennel staff is caring for your pet. Our boarding facility is an indoor, climate controlled facility, remodeled in 2010 to provide the latest state of the art suites for your pet. Very few boarding facilities have veterinarians and vet nurses on duty 24/7. So your pet is not only in a pet hotel but also has the finest medical care available if they should need it. We provide Kuranda beds for all our runs, jr. suites and suites.

Your dog is walked 3 times a day outside on a manicured lawn that is completely enclosed. They get the chance to enjoy the fresh air, stretch their legs and take care of business just like they do at home. Additional walks and playtime are also available.

Cats board in a separate room, away from the noise of our canine guests. They like the seclusion and peace and quiet of a private room just for cats. They stress less when a room is made just for them.

Special Boarding Offers

Check out our money saving deals on boarding, vaccinations and other veterinary services.


We walk your pet outside three times a day as a part of his or her boarding experience. Some clients want their four legged family member to have more one on one interaction, just like they do at home. We provide that here with playtime. We have an indoor area that is perfect for hugs and kisses, fetch the ball, and tug of war. Since it is indoors, weather is not an issue and your pet will love the time as the total center of attention.


Imagine a very firm rubber ball that is hollow, has holes all over it and then it is filled with delectable treats; treats like doggie biscuits and peanut butter and Science Diet canned A/D. You now have a Kong. It is more than a treat, it is a complete entertainment center. Your dog will spend hours rolling it around getting the reward out of the middle. Along with walks three times a day and perhaps some extra play time, his or her day will be flying by.

I-20 Animal Boarding Alrington

Day Boarders are also welcomed!

Dog Day Boarding $12.86/ day (pick up by midnight)

Special Needs Boarding

Older pets, diabetics and pets with health issues should all board in our special needs section. It is in the heart of our hospital, so your pet gets attention 24/7 from our ICU staff.


We feed Premium Science Diet Sensitive Stomach for our guests. If you have a special diet, we will be happy to feed it at no additional charge.

24-hr Drop-off and Pick-up

Because we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you can drop off or pick up your pet at any time. No more waiting until the next day to pick up your pet because you arrived home late at night or on Sunday.Our staff (doctors and technicians) are on the premises at all times.

Boarding Plans


Efficiency $22.50/night
Quad (4X4) $26.00/night
Standard (6×3) $27.00/night
Junior Suite (6×4) $30.00/night
Suite (6×5) $35.00/night
(We have discount prices for additional pets in the same Quad, Standard or Suite)

Dog Day Boarding $12.86/day (pick up by midnight)

Extra Walk $6.00 per day (we normally walk 3 X daily)
Playtime $11.00 per playtime, 15-20 minutes, one-on-one with kennel tech
Add’l pet playtime $2.00/per playtime

KONG with Science Diet A/D $4.50/once daily
FOOD BALL with Sensitive Stomach kibbles $4.50/ once daily
Medication Given $2.50 per med /per administration/ per day
Capstar Blue (2-25lbs) fee $7.28
Capstar Green (Over 25lbs) fee $8.28



Special Needs Boarding

Cage $32.00/night plus$2.00 per medication per administration per day (if meds required)
Run $50.00/night plus$2.00 per medication per administration per day (if meds required)

Vaccination Policy

Your pet must be current on vaccinations. We follow the vaccination guidelines of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Written verification must be presented to I-20 AMC for vaccinations administered at other Veterinary facilities. Vaccines administered by any person other than a licensed veterinarian will not be accepted.

Required Vaccinations

    Combo distemper  (dog- DHLPP, cat FVRCP) 
    Leptospirosis  (dogs only- given within 1 year)
-  The following vaccinations are for the prevention of upper respiratory infections in Dogs
    Bordetella  (given within 6 months)
    Canine Influenza  (given within 1 year)

If your dog is current for Rabies and Distemper combo, but is not current on other vaccination requirements, prices for vaccination/ vaccination boosters:

         Leptospirosis              $14.00
         Canine Influenza           $34.50
         Bordetella                 $16.00  

Parasite Policy

Fecal Lab Analysis must be current annually. We want to make sure that all our guests are negative for intestinal parasites so that no one will be exposed. Capstar (oral flea medication) is administered upon arrival to ensure that no fleas will be introduced to our boarding facility. Price of Fecal Lab Analysis for pets that are not current: $25.70