Special Needs Pet Boarding

If your pet has a medical condition, I-20 Animal Medical Center is uniquely able to monitor and care for your pet as a special needs boarder. You can be assured that your pet is receiving attentive care from our highly trained veterinary doctors and veterinary nurses. Being a 24-hour emergency and critical care facility makes us uniquely qualified to care for pets with special needs. In fact, this is the reason so many choose to board their pets with us because of our special care expertise and state-of-the-art facilities.

Why special needs pet boarding instead of regular pet boarding?

Older pets, diabetics and pets with health issues should all board in our special needs section. It is in the heart of our I-20 Animal Medical Center, so your pet gets attention 24/7 from our ICU staff. They are highly trained in managing critical pet patients and therefore are very sensitive to pets with health issues or other difficulties. The most common reasons people choose special needs boarding are:

  • Medications and supplements. Dogs or cats on numerous or time-sensitive medications need care that a regular boarder would not need. Diabetics also fall into this category.
  • Special or extra meals. Pets with very specific dietary needs also fall into the special needs boarder category.
  • Special handling care. Older dogs that need help just to go outside to take care of business can now be boarded safely and easily at I-20 Animal Medical Center. Dogs with significant arthritis would also qualify.
  • Senior care. Many of our older pet guests cannot board at a regular facility. An area with many other dogs, loud noises, and constant commotion just won’t fit their needs. They really need an area that is quieter, constantly watched by staff and more attentive to their needs.