Canine Flu: A Risk During Any Season

Canine influenza (CIV) is a highly contagious viral infection that has been spreading across the country over the past couple of years. Almost every state in the nation has reported cases of CIV, and it’s been on the rise in north Texas for some time.

CIV is also active year-round, and dogs have no natural immunity. Any dog exposed is likely to become sick. While most pets will recover, some run the risk of having the disease develop into a life-threatening infection like pneumonia.

Symptoms of CIV are like kennel cough and include persistent cough, sneezing, runny eyes, nasal discharge, fever and reduced appetite. There are two strains of the virus—H3N2 and H3N8—and I-20 AMC carries a combination vaccine that protects against both strains.

It is recommended that any dog with a lifestyle that includes boarding, doggy daycare, grooming, and playing at dog parks get the CIV vaccination. Senior dogs, those with pre-existing heart and lung conditions and brachycephalic or “short-nosed” breeds like pugs and bulldogs should be vaccinated as well.

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