Dental Digital Radiography

Dental radiography is very different from the xrays that we use for the rest of the body. Our digital system is a high end intra-oral technology your dentist might use. Only with extremely high resolution, dental sensors, can we look at each tooth or area with precision and accuracy. A ‘regular’ xray shot will not accomplish this. The sensors we chose have nearly double the resolution of most human digital systems. It is that good!

Why Dental Xrays?

  • To see disease process that occur below the gum lines that is not visible during an oral exam, such as periodontal disease, fractured teeth, or tumors.
  • To confirm that the correct teeth are extracted
  • To determine jaw fractures caused by disease teeth
  • For pre-purchase exams for show dogs
  • To the determination and treatment of teeth with root canals

Why digital?

  • Clear, crisp images that can be digitally enhanced for more precise diagnosis.
  • Infinitely more environmentally friendly because it uses no toxic chemicals such as developer and fixer. Regular radiography uses a lot of these chemicals since they have to be changed at least every few days.
  • Immediate images on the computer screen. No waiting for 7 to 10 minutes to see the xray.
  • The images can be stored on the computer and recalled instantly for examination rather than pulling patient charts in some back room or storage facility.
  • The client can take printed copies of their xrays home for future references.
  • We can charge about half the cost since it eliminates chemicals, developing machines, and dramatically reduces labor costs.