For DVMs

We appreciate your referrals and our veterinarians look forward to working with you to ensure the best possible care for your patients and their families.

Referral forms can be printed and faxed, or completed online and emailed. Your client can schedule with us directly or if you like, we can contact your client to schedule their visit. Please include medical records and diagnostic results with the referral form (radiographs can be emailed). You may also refer a patient by phone at any time.

Urgent/ Emergency Cases: If you have an emergency, call to speak with one of our veterinarians concerning the case. Please email or fax referral form with any pertinent medical records. You may also choose to send these forms with the client.

Referrals for Dr. Welch: Dr. Welch performs advanced diagnostics (cardiac or abdominal ultrasound, ultrasound-guided FNA, endoscopy), internal medicine assessments, and identification and management of multiple chronic illnesses.

Dental Referrals for Dr. Bloom: Advanced dentistry including treatment of periodontal disease, root canals, jaw fractures, crowns, fillings and stomatitis.

Exotic Referrals for Dr. Robinson: Exotic referrals for birds, pocket pets and non-venomous reptiles.

Referral Form

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