I bought two baby turtles about 6 months ago

I bought two baby turtles about 6 months ago and one of them I believe has shell rot going on. I’ve looked online how to treat it and such , using hydrogen peroxide to scrub the shell and let it dry . Recently I found her shell is getting more and more affected and I don’t know what to do. I clean and make sure their water and tank are safe but don’t know the cause . I want to bring her in but don’t know the cost ? Help please

I’m so sorry about your turtles. Taking care of exotics can be difficult. It would be hard to say what is going on with your turtle without actually seeing it. Exotic medicine is different from the medicine that we routinely practice with dogs and cats- only some veterinarians are trained to treat exotic pets. We have 2 doctors on staff- Dr. Robinson and Dr. Clipsham and you are welcome to call to make an appointment with them. The cost for new exotic pet exam (it is an extensive visit with education on nutrition and husbandry and other issues) is $85. If you don’t come to our clinic, I encourage you to at least find a veterinarian who can see your turtle. Sorry it isn’t an easy issue where a diagnosis can be made without seeing your turtle.