i have a cat that is 5months old.

i have a cat that is 5months old. she has been fixed has all shots and is an indoor cat. the last few days shes dropped in mood, drinking, eating and most of all playing. what could be wrong? i know nothing about cats other than i know something is wrong,

If I understand this right, your cat is not as happy, attentive, not eating or drinking well and she is not very active. You are right, something is wrong. Even though they can’t “talk” to you, she is telling you she feels really bad. It is great that you have her current on vaccinations and that she is an indoor cat. It would be difficult to say what is causing her to feel ill. Cats can experience a variety of diseases and health issues just like humans, so the general symptoms of illness, such as lack of appetite and activity would not point to any specific issue. My recommendation, especially if she has been acting like this for several days, is to have her examined by your veterinarian. I’m sorry it doesn’t specifically address your question- there are so many possibilities. An exam would be your best option.