Kid’s Club—Becoming a Veterinarian

What does a Veterinarian do?

Veterinarians are animal doctors who work in a clinic or a hospital for animals. They can also:

  • Care for cows and horses and other large animals
  • Make sure food from animals, like eggs and milk, are safe
  • Work at the zoo taking care of the animals
  • Teach in Veterinary schools

Veterinarians go to college and Veterinary medical school to learn how to:

  • Find out why animals are sick
  • Help animals feel better
  • Help keep animals healthy by doing an exam each year
  • Perform surgeries on animals
  • Perform dental cleaning on animals
  • Prescribe medicine for animals

Being a veterinarian is a great job. It is wonderful to work with animals and talk to people on how to take care of their pets.

Who could become a veterinarian?

Loving animals is a great reason to become a veterinarian, but you also should:

  • Have patience
  • Enjoy math and science
  • Enjoy learning
  • Work very hard

Because animals cannot talk, a veterinarian also:

  • Listens well to people
  • Asks questions to find out how the animal is doing

Sometimes being a veterinarian is hard because hurt or very sick pets may not live; it can be sad.

How to start getting ready to become a veterinarian?

  • Start early by getting good grades
  • Science and math are very important in medicine so learn all you can
  • Veterinary school is hard work with a lot of homework so practice good studying
  • When you are older, you can volunteer at an animal shelter, Humane Society or animal hospital so you can see what veterinarians do every day