Kid’s Club—Fun Facts for Kids about Dogs and Cats

Ever wonder why a dog has bad breath?

Dogs have bad breath because they cannot brush their own teeth. It is important for dogs to go to a veterinarian to have teeth cleanings. Pet owners can learn how to brush their dog’s teeth. And, dogs can learn to love having their teeth brushed!

Ever wonder if dogs dream?

Dogs are like people and have dreams! Sometimes they move their legs or make sounds in their sleep and it means that they are sleeping. It is not safe to wake dogs while they are sleeping and dreaming. They could accidentally bite you!

Ever wonder if dogs and cats have super-powered eye sight at night?

Dogs and cats have a special part of their eye that helps them see light differently—even during the day!

Ever wonder if dogs see colors?

Dogs see things differently than humans. Dogs can tell the difference in colors, but the colors seem lighter than when people see colors.

Ever wonder if dogs sweat?

Dogs do not sweat like people do. The only way dogs can cool down when they are hot is by panting and by the pads on their feet!

Ever wonder if cats always land on their feet?

Cats seem to land on their feet because they can twist and turn unlike other animals, but be careful because they do not always land on their feet!

Ever wonder if a cat gets bored?

Yes, cats can get bored just like people. Be sure to have toys and activities to do while you are away. When you get home, be sure to give the cat playtime!

Ever wonder why cats purr?

Cats purr for different reasons. When cats are happy, stressed or hungry they purr. It is soothing for the cat and the cat owner!

Ever wonder how much a cat sleeps?

Cats sleep a lot! Cats sleep 12-14 hours a day! People usually only sleep eight hours a day. If a cat lives nine years, it only spends a total of three years awake!