My dog is a little over 2 years old, she’s a pit bull.

My dog is a little over 2 years old, she’s a pit bull. When I first got her she didn’t have any problems but over the past couple months she’s been getting a rash on her underbelly and she won’t stop scratching it so it turns into a lot of little scabs. My mom thinks it’s an allergy to the grass or something but benadryl doesn’t seem to help. Do you suggest anything I can get for her for the rash and swelling to go down?

Allergies is the most likely cause (your mom is smart!), but having said that- it is possible that there is another cause for the skin irritation. You have to be careful to not just assume a diagnosis. But, allergies are the most common cause of itchiness in dogs and this is definitely the time of the year we see lots of cases. If the skin irritation is on the stomach and chest, then that would indicate the grass or something else (carpet, etc.) that your dog comes in contact is causing the reaction. Treating allergies in dogs can be difficult. You really can’t cure allergies- it more about treating the symptoms. If your dog has scratched so much that you now have scabs you may be at the point that it will take stronger medication to stop the itchiness. If you catch allergies early, then Benadryl may (notice the word “may”) help enough to stop the scratching. If a dog continue to scratch it will start a vicious cycle that the more the scratch the more irritated the skin becomes, which make them itch more, so they scratch even more. It’s a vicious cycle for some of these dogs and without medical intervention is difficult to reverse. You have to treat the itchiness until the skin heals and that often requires antibiotics (if you have scabs and skin infection) and drugs strong enough to stop the itchiness. Since your dog has reached the point where it has gone on for a while and she has scabs and is probably a bit miserable I would seek veterinary care. There are several reasons for this. First off, the doctor can make sure it is allergies and not some other problem occurring. The doctor can also discuss more in detail about allergies. It is important to get educated on the best way to help your dog. Believe me, it is not always simple to keep them comfortable. Luckily, over the past several years there have been new drugs that have come out that are much safer and more effective to use long term if needed. Hope this helps and good luck!