Pet Surgery

I-20 Animal Surgery

Our veterinarians are well trained to perform a variety of surgeries, from spays, neuters and laser declaws to more complex emergency surgeries such as C-sections, foreign body removal, bladder stone removal and gastric torsions. When a surgical procedure is recommended, our veterinarians will suggest a pre-surgical examination and blood tests to rule out any pet medical issues that may create anesthetic risks.

Our experienced medical veterinary team takes great care in monitoring your pet’s vital signs including heartbeat, blood pressure, oxygen levels and IV fluids. We use only the safest available anesthesia to help ensure smooth and safe recoveries from veterinary surgery. The latest protocols for pet pain management help to provide post-operative comfort.

Our veterinarians use the latest technology and surgical techniques including endoscopy, ultrasonography, radiography and laser surgery. We have the experience and expertise to perform various elective and emergency surgeries, some of which are listed below:

Board-certified Surgeon

While our surgeons are skilled in most emergency or non-elective surgical procedures, having access to a board-certified surgeon able to perform surgeries at I-20 Animal Medical Center allows us to care for pets requiring more complicated surgeries. Our fully-equipped surgical suites provide state of the art anesthesia and monitoring during your pet’s procedure.

Our fully-staffed ICU and 24 hour care helps ensure that our surgical patients have an ideal recovery, with caring nurses provide that extra TLC to help them heal. Having a board-certified surgeon also means that we don’t have to refer you and your pet to another clinic miles away. They can stay here with the people who know them best, and their doctor works with the surgeon to maintain continuity of care.

Common surgeries that Dr. Read performs at our hospital include repair of bone fractures, TPLO surgery or other procedures involving the knee, urinary tract surgeries, complicated mass removals requiring skin grafts, gall bladder surgery, and urethral surgery.

Consults with Dr. Read are arranged after an evaluation by one of our doctors.