Summer Parasites and How to Contain These Nagging Pests

Our hot and humid climate means your best friend has a high chance of encountering pests like fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites and heartworm-transmitting mosquitoes—it’s also important to note that this threat is heavily increased in the summer. Not only are these creatures unpleasant, but they can cause serious health issues, too.

Fleas can cause anemia and trigger skin allergies, ticks can pass along numerous diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, intestinal parasites can cause extensive intestinal and organ damage and heartworm can clog the blood vessels and eventually cause heart and lung disease. Because we have so many mosquitoes, heartworm is a particularly potent danger all across the great state of Texas.

Preventive medications are the best way to keep these nasty pests from bothering your pets in the first place. Your I-20 Animal Medical Center veterinarian can help you determine which preventive medications are right for your pets. Remember, prevention is always easier on your pet (and your wallet!) than eradication.

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